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We invite you to discover How to use all suit Mods, a new task in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

What to know about the suit mods in Spider-Man Miles Morales?

We have a system of modifications where we can apply a series of effects to our suits, thus achieving a better capacity in the character and achieving a better role in general, the modifications that we can apply to the suits bring with them a variety of characteristics, achieving obtain some advantages for the confrontations, only that we must understand how to use all suit mods and that is what the following content will bring us, let's see it.

How to use all suit Mods suit in Spider-Man Miles Morales?
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  • The Poison Moment Suit Mod requires level 10, 12 coin tokens and 2 technical pieces, achieving with this that the enemy is stunned with poison once they have 6 hits from a combo.
  • The Induction Mail Suit Mod requires 10 coin tokens and 1 technical piece, which we get for each hit in which the enemy is stunned with poison an amount of life.
  • The Untouchable Suit Mod requires 8 currency tokens, causing an additional 50 percent damage for 5 seconds once we have perfectly dodged our attack.
  • The Unbreakable Suit Mod has no requirements and with it the damage caused by melee attacks will be reduced by 25 percent.
  • The Suppressed Poison Resistance Suit Mod requires the Miles Morales 2099 suit which will reduce the length of the suppressed Roxxon poison, managing to instantly eliminate Roxxon's balls once the camouflage is activated.
  • The Energy Launcher Suit Mod requires the homemade suit and with this the damage caused by the objects that are thrown is increased.
  • The Zap Slap Suit Mod requires the classic suit, which creates a shock force upon destruction of underground weapons.
  • The Deep Bags Suit Mod requires level 10, 14 coin tokens and 2 technical pieces, with which you get an increase in the ammo of the gadgets.
  • The Hidden Fury Suit Mod requires level 10, 10 coin tokens and 2 technical pieces, for each hit that occurs when attacking melee an additional camouflage time is generated.
  • The Poison Shield Suit Mod requires a new game, this shield will be activated once a full bar of poison is used, for 5 seconds and in that time it is able to avoid all kinds of damage and those who are attacking melee they end up stunned.
  • The Verso Vibration Suit Mod requires the Spider Verso suit, with which you get an imitation of the aesthetic coming from a different land.
  • The Energy Transfer Suit Mod requires the training suit for spiders, with this the transfer of certain energy from the camouflage not used for the poison is achieved, this occurs when the camouflage is turned off.
  • The Strongest Cobweb Suit Mod is required from the animated suit, making enemies take longer to get rid of the cobwebs.
  • The Steady Focus Suit Mod requires the final suit, with which you get when moving a drainage reduction for speed camouflage.

In this way we come to the end of this Spider-Man Miles Morales guide, now it is understood How to use all suit Mods, it only remains to enjoy it to the fullest.

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