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Our guide today on Immortals Fenyx Rising leads us to tell you how to get the wing piece, let's see.

What is the wing piece in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

This is simply a necessary object that we must find and that is usually part of the blue orb puzzle, knowing how to obtain the wing piece allows us to have the possibility of finding an object that can give us the possibility of sliding to choose to cross the island golden, although it is true this task can become somewhat complex, and that is why we are here today.
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How to get the blue orbs in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Before delving into knowing how to obtain the wing piece it is necessary to complete the puzzle of the blue robes, in such a way that we must focus specifically on a total of 5 spheres, as this makes us embark on a search in the nearby buildings, these orbs They are usually hidden, it is necessary to locate them after finding the Wing Piece stuck so that it is necessary to observe the grid in a hole where the absence of the orbs is evident and to locate them in Immortals Fenyx Rising it is necessary:


  •  First blue orb: Our search to know how to get the wing piece leads us to look for the orbs and this specifically leads us to make use of the steps of the red wall to climb it, as this is usually done since this orb is in the network, in such a way that it leads us to choose to climb the stairs and go to the left where we can see a lever that we pull but that takes us to a closed wall forcing us to climb.
  • Second blue orb: We continue the search for Immortals Fenyx Rising and this we enter to get the second sphere because instead of leaving the first location we choose to enter and return fura with the second orb in our hands.
  • Third blue orb: It is necessary to choose to use the second orb to be able to unlock the third so that it is necessary to choose to place the second orb behind the closed door close enough to the third and thus achieve that the pressure slot can allow the door to open, once this is achieved it will only be necessary to choose to go out with both orbs to go directly to the grid where the wing piece is.
  • Fourth blue orb: this piece leads us to have to choose to climb the ladder to reach the grid where the sphere is located, so it is necessary to choose to turn to the right, only that the door is closed, in that sense, It is necessary to focus on taking a look where we notice a closed door, but for this, it is necessary to observe the pressure lever so that it is necessary to stand on it and see the Apollo arrow to guide it through the brazier that is lit in front of us, so it is only necessary to light the torch at the top of the door in the corner on the right side, getting the door open, we enter and take the sphere.
  • Fifth blue orb: This is the last sphere that we need to get in this quest to know how to obtain the wing piece, so it is necessary to take care of going down through the stairs to reach the grid that is inside of the large building, as it is not possible to see an entrance, our job is to take care of mobilizing ourselves on the right side of the building, getting past a brazier and then taking a look at a golden wall that, for our good fortune, has gaps and cracks, so our occupation will be to hit it to destroy it and enter to take the sphere, it is only necessary to push a metal box so that it can close and go to the network.


 How to get the wing piece in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Once we have obtained the 5 blue orbs, the possibilities to obtain the piece open up, in such a way that it is necessary to place them in the groove of the wall that is usually obtained nearby, then we are given the possibility that a portal appears. yellow, in this sense, it is necessary to enter since this allows us to receive two coins from Charon, once we take them we are presented with a court scene to finally receive the wing of Daedalus.

 Now that you know how to obtain the wing piece, you can focus on doing this search and thus conclude this part of Immortals Fenyx Rising that simply becomes interesting.

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