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Find out How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about Gorgerzer in Biomorph?

When we get to recover Boyd's wrench while upgrading the S.A.F.E., we will inevitably face a formidable enemy blocking our path. Known as Gorgerzer, this colossal creature serves as Harlo's first major battle and requires strategic action to defeat it, now to help us a little it is ideal that we know How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph and for this we have the following content.

How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph?

This boss has a limited arsenal of attacks, but the nature of his attacks varies between melee and ranged attacks, making them difficult to anticipate. We must tread carefully to avoid being victims of his unpredictable attacks. The boss attack sequences are as follows:

  • - Unleash a series of ranged attacks, firing in two parallel rows. The first two shots follow a sequential pattern from bottom to top, followed by a simultaneous strike from top to bottom.
  • - After ranged attacks, Gorgerzer switches to shorter melee attacks, moving across the room to the opposite side before turning to face the opposite direction.
  • - When Gorgerzer's health drops to half, they will jump into the air and disappear, only to reappear and launch multiple random ranged attacks that we must skillfully evade.

We can easily avoid melee attacks using the dodge mechanic. However, players must be careful when facing this boss's ranged attacks, the key to success is to dodge his attacks and counterattack with force. Using the Fubirang Biomorph is the optimal strategy, because both Harlo and Scarbyttle Biomorph require close proximity to effectively attack the beast. However, some of us may find it easier to dodge Gorgerzer's aerial attacks as Harlo, so it's advisable to switch between Biomorph and the main character when necessary. With these tactics we will be victorious in this combat.

Strategies to overcome Gorgerzer

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It can be difficult to evade their powerful attacks while also dealing damage. To ensure a smooth victory, there are several additional factors that players should consider, starting with before engaging in battle, or if initial attempts are unsuccessful, make sure you have unlocked and equipped the Fubirang Biomorph. This can be achieved by defeating the designated number of Fubirangs, when faced with Gorgerzer's ranged attacks, we will avoid jumping and instead use the dodge function to evade them. When dodging, we will move towards the boss to eliminate the risk of being hit by the projectile while moving in the same direction.

At times when healing is necessary, we wait until the boss starts his melee attacks. This will provide enough time to regain health without facing further punishment or possible death, during air attacks, refrain from using the dodge button. Dodge covers minimal distance and is difficult to control, which could result in accidentally avoiding one projectile only to be hit by another. Instead, let's rely on Harlo and Fubirang's agility to evade most projectiles and run to safety when necessary, also avoiding running back and forth across the screen during air attacks. Not all projectiles are aimed at Harlo, allowing us to concentrate on a smaller section of the battlefield for safety.

Battle Rewards

Skill progression may not be highlighted through the acquisition of experience points, but rather through the acquisition of collectibles and advancements available throughout our odyssey, including boss battles. As a trophy for defeating the formidable Gorgerzer, we will receive a Memento Socket, which will grant Harlo the ability to equip an additional Memento. This improvement will give us an advantage in the combat field, providing substantial help to prevail over more complex adversaries that we will encounter in the game.

This is how we end our guide, now you know How To Beat Gorgerzer in Biomorph, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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