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Our tour of XCOM Chimera Squad doesn't stop, let's see how to unlock the treasure market

How to unlock treasure market in XCOM Chimera Squad?

The treasure market is nothing more than a black market that we have in this game, in order to unlock it, it is necessary to carry out a series of activities first, since it will be necessary to contact the market and for this it is ideal to send an APC to the city 31, and then "sacrifice" a game day, because it is necessary since we must know what are the items that can be sold in that place.

Once we have managed to unlock it, it is time to inform us about which days it will open, since it is not open every day, it is usually random, and to get all the information about it, it is necessary to locate ourselves at the top of the screen.
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In the market it is possible to sell some objects, but this must be left for a second visit to the place, taking into account that we can also buy it, it is necessary to have Intel, ideally to have a good quantity to make purchases, since the minimum It could be between 80 and 100 Intel.

What are the best-selling items on the treasure market at XCOM Chimera Squad?

  • Epic weapons
  • Grenades
  • Elerio Packages
  • Weapon upgrades

  Thus we finalize our guide on how to unlock the treasure market a place where buying and selling is highly feasible at XCOM Chimera Squad.

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