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This time we return with an explanatory guide with the objective of explaining Where to Find All Vaults in Fallout 4.

What to know about the vaults in Fallout 4?

They are considered shelters for people, you could say, only that the things that appear in these places become complex and terrifying, on this occasion seeking to know Where to Find All Vaults in Fallout 4, the details are presented to us in the following content, let's see.

Where to Find All Vaults in Fallout 4?

Location of Vault 111

We are probably familiar with this Vault, because it served as shelter for them and their loved ones during the initial bombings. However, it was later revealed that Vault 111 was a testing ground for Vault-Tec's cryostasis experiment, which resulted in the freezing of all its inhabitants, including us. until a mercenary intervenes to kidnap our son, murder our spouse and start the main mission of the game. Vault 111 can be found just northwest of the Sanctuary settlement, the first upgradeable location in the game and serves as our in-game home until we decide to build our own home elsewhere.

Location of Vault 75

Vault 75 was in fact a torture and murder facility rather than a shelter. Discovered by us through various sources within the Vault, the staff executed the adults trapped inside shortly after sealing the Vault, then proceeded to conduct experiments on the now parentless children to see if they could transform into beings capable of survive in a nuclear wasteland. However, no trace of the staff or children remains, as this Vault is now occupied by members of the infamous Gunners gang. To discover this terrifying underground laboratory and explore it for ourselves, we must head southeast from Lake Quannapowitt until we come across a place known as Malden Middle School. In the basement of the school, the Sole Survivor will discover an open entrance that leads to an elevator that descends to Vault 75.

Location of Vault 81

Vault 81 was intended as a place for Vault-Tec to conduct unethical experiments on unsuspecting people without repercussions. However, in a rare case, the original Overseer of this particular Vault was less sadistic than his counterparts with this job title. While Vault 81 was supposed to study devastating diseases by inadvertently infecting subjects, the original Overseer disabled the equipment and transformed this Vault into a safe haven for its inhabitants. Upon entering this location, the Sole Survivor will be greeted by a thriving and healthy community, a stark contrast to most other Vaults. To reach Vault 81, we must travel southeast from Fort Hagen. The Vault entrance is located north of the Coast Guard Dock, but in order to access it, we must complete a short quest or pass a challenging voice test that requires 3 fusion cores.

Location of Vault 95

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Vault 95 provided a refuge for people struggling with addiction to illicit substances, along with a disguised Vault-Tec employee. After five years, the residents were cleansed of their addictions and lived contented, drug-free lives. However, everything changed when the undercover employee suddenly revealed a hidden drug stash. This tragic discovery led the inhabitants to relapse into their addictions, resulting in many deaths by their own hands or others. When the Sole Survivor stumbles upon Vault 95, he has already been overtaken by the famous Gunner gang. The entrance is easily identifiable, located on the side of a cliff and adorned with scaffolding. We can find it northeast of Capsized Factory and southeast of Edge of the Glowing Sea.

Location of Vault 114

Vault 114 was intended to house wealthy people, such as politicians, and subject them to impoverished living conditions as an experiment. However, wealthy individuals managed to evade this fate, because Vault 114 was never completely built, a convenience that may not be difficult to understand. The remains of this unfinished Vault now serve as a dwelling place for members of the Triggermen gang, who we must clear to loot the area. To begin the search for the ruins of Vault 114, we must leave Goodneighbor and head southwest, although the distance is not very far. Then we must enter the Park Street station and descend into its depths to locate the entrance to the Refuge.

Location of Vault 118

Vault 118 was introduced in the Far Harbor DLC as a battleground between the ultra-rich population and the working class. However, like many other vaults, the construction of Vault 118 was never completed, leaving its supervisor isolated, accompanied only by a group of crazed robobrains, we can find Vault 118 beneath the Cliff's Edge Hotel, east of the National Park headquarters. Inside the vault, we will have the opportunity to acquire fascinating treasures and activate the Brain Dead side quest. This location was the first DLC vault in the franchise's history, but it wouldn't be the last such experience in the game.

Location of Vault 88

A recently added location in the game's Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, it was originally intended to serve as a testing ground for prototype devices before they were distributed to other vaults. However, before construction could be completed, doomsday bombs began to rain down, leaving the vault in a state of disarray, we must embark on a quest to find Vault 88, hidden in a small cave beneath Quincy Quarries. This cave is located southeast of Hyde Park and east of Suffolk County Charter School. Upon arrival, we encounter a group of raiders, who we must deal with before we can proceed to expand the Vault. To do so, we must look for Vault-Tech control panels scattered throughout the vault.

Finally, now that you know Where to Find All Vaults in Fallout 4, just do it and make the most of these interesting places while continuing your progress.

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