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Today we made for you an interesting XCOM Chimera Squad explanatory guide where we will explain how to play the Ironman difficulty.

Why play in Ironman mode at XCOM Chimera Squad

  This is a game that offers us more than one difficulty to play and Ironman difficulty is precisely one of them, since it is not exactly a novelty, but if it presents some interesting adjustments, `it is necessary to activate it at the beginning of the campaign and presents us with the possibility of having to play it in one save.
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How to play Ironman difficulty in XCOM Chimera Squad?

  Firstly, failing a mission does not disturb us much since we can repeat it without having to lose the entire campaign.

It is not possible to go back in time, because once it is saved there is no going back.

Automatic cutting is usually updated as manual saving is simply not available.

  If we activate the Hardcore modifier, it is necessary to take into account that the mission may fail and if that happens, the campaign will simply be lost, the missions must be completed in time, there is no possibility of repairing any error.

  In this sense, knowing how to play the Ironman difficulty poses a very interesting challenge in XCOM Chimera Squad

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