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2020-11-07 07:14:22

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Today's guide to Xbox Series X / S lets us talk to you about how to redownload your games

Is it possible to redownload the games in Xbox Series X / S

The mere possibility that this option is presented to us simply makes us highly interested in finding out every minimum step, since many of these games are usually in the library and this allows us to have the possibility of having access to certain memories, and with it Being able to test them on the new console, this is a task that for some can become somewhat complex, but that is the reason why we are here today, to explain each step and make it easier.
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How to redownload your games in Xbox Series X / S?

This is a task that leads you to:

  •  Go to the home screen to see the main menu of your console.
  • You can access it by pressing the Xbox button when you start the console or by simply being in a game stream.
  • Being on the home screen it is necessary to move to the My games and applications tab to select it.
  • A new menu opens where you can select the Complete Library option to view all the titles to applications that you have had and proceed to select it.
  • Next, you will have to look for the All Games tab to see the games that you have purchased with your account.
  • Finally proceed to download the one you consider feasible, either for your Xbox Series X / Sestos they will remain on the console until you delete them yourself.


In general terms, how to redownload your games is not very difficult, since the most complex thing is the time it may take to download to your Xbox Series X / S

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