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2020-11-07 07:21:15

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Find out how to record a video in this excellent and explanatory guide to the Xbox Series X / S.

What to know about the Xbox Series X / S

With the arrival of this latest generation console, we will be able to have access to endless possibilities, the new advantages are remarkable, among which is the ease of recording videos on it, which is possible through a hardware update. To get an idea of how to record a video we must continue reading the next content.

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How to record a video on the Xbox Series X / S?

We have that in our console there is a new button that is located between the option buttons, in the center of the controller, sharing is this, by holding it down it is possible to save a brief video, being the same from the last 30 to 60 seconds, something that according to our preference we can change, to make the recording by ourselves what we will do is press the Xbox guide button and we go on to capture and share, having the option is here to start recording, we can stop it or wait for the time assigned, we can see the result when entering the recent captures.

It is possible to alter the recording settings by changing what the X share button on the console does, it is possible if we go to the capture settings from the same menu, also having other options, such as the button assignment with which it is used. You can program what the button will do when it is pressed, all added to other types of adjustments that can be made according to our criteria, to upload the videos to a computer we only have to go to the recent captures and make the choice of OneDrive, taking into account that you must go through the creation of an account on our PC that you will have to choose when using the same Microsoft account that is linked to our console.

 In conclusion, knowing how to record a video is excellent because we can get the most out of our Xbox Series X / S

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