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2020-11-06 06:50:27

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Playing with more people is fantastic on Xbox Series X / S, so we tell you how to invite friends

Why play with friends on Xbox Series X / S?

Perhaps one of the best things we can do while playing on this console is to opt for multiplayer games, since the conditions for this are given, in such a way that this allows us to fully enjoy the games that it usually brings, although it is true there are Players who do solitaire, our best bet is to invite friends since the fun happens in a big way and we get the most out of the games.
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How to invite friends on Xbox Series X / S?

This is an extremely simple process and for this it is necessary:


  •      Press the Xbox button as this allows us to open the main menu.
  •      Next we must press RB to access the People menu where we will see the list of friends.
  •      Proceed to select the friend or person with whom we have recently managed to play so that we are shown the option to invite them to a game.
  •      Wait until he can accept our invitation and as soon as he does, we are given the opportunity to play together, which leads us to he can appear in the lobby.

Now that you know how to invite friends, it's time to take advantage of this option that Xbox Series X / S has for us, because taking advantage of the multiplayer option is simply fantastic, try it.

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