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2020-11-05 10:54:49

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Sea of Thieves has brought an update and with it interesting things, so today we tell you how to find all beacons

What are beacons in Sea of Thieves for?

These are simply a necessary element that allows us to complete the most recent challenge of this game called Fire of the Ancients and whose objective is to turn on all the headlights for which it is necessary to deal with dying at the hands of a shark and opt for Collect fire from the Well of Fate on the Shuttle of the Damned.

How to find all beacons in Sea of Thieves?

It is necessary to focus on lighting the lighthouses of the Ancient Islands and they are the following:

  • Thieves' hole: this is the first beacon and to get it it is necessary to get to the south of the map, as there is no need to rush to this place since our route takes us to go to the island on the M16 map tile.

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  • Devil's Crest: This is the second beacon and we can find it next to the island waterfall on the island of tile P19.
  • The valley of looting: This can be achieved at the top of the island to which it is necessary to mobilize a little to walk and reach the tile of the G16 map.

Now that you know about how to find all beacons and thus achieve progress in Sea of Thieves since this allows us to enjoy this interesting game more

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