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2020-11-09 07:54:02

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Find out how to change the date and time in this excellent and explanatory guide to the Xbox Series X / S.

What to know about the Xbox Series X / S

With the recent arrival of the latest generation Microsoft consoles it is possible that we have some doubts to solve, this time we will have the details that will help us in terms of how to change the date and time, in case we have doubts when Regarding, let's continue reading the following content.
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How to change date and time in Xbox Series X / S?

It is something that is not complicated, especially if we have already had the opportunity to do it on the previous generation consoles, instead of being the first time what we have to do is go to the configuration, system and choose the date and time for us to make the appropriate adjustments, including the location of our time zone and much more we can do from this part, this change will be of great value for some games, since these may require constant adjustments to even obtain rewards and therefore having the knowledge of this is of great importance.

  It is evident that knowing how to change the date and time allows us to have more fun in our Xbox Series X / S

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