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2020-11-09 07:46:59

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The arrival of PS5 makes us investigate enough and this leads us to explain how to increase storage space, let's see.

Why talk about the PS5 storage space increase?

  Perhaps the best answer is because according to the new technology, games tend to weigh much more and the space that this console usually brings is not enough at least when we are interested in playing several games or when a game may present expansions the idea is to have as much free space as possible in such a way that this leads us to ask ourselves how to increase the storage space, in addition to this console allows us to have the possibility of copying PS5 4 games, which makes free space relevant .
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How to increase storage space by PS5?

It is necessary to clarify that not only this console requires free space, because the Xbox also requires it and has its option to do so, so it is nothing to write home about, however, it is necessary to understand that we must choose to consider that games usually depend on the speed of the SSD which is vital so that they can work in the best way in some M2 drive.

It is important to consider that it is possible to make the most of our PS5, which leads us to get as much out of it as possible with respect to decompression, IO coprocessors and every feature that this console can offer us, because in a way it allows us to clarify the panorama in relation to the space necessary to enjoy it.

Knowing how to increase storage space allows us to have some special characteristics, because although it is true that the PCle SSD units on the current market are simply 3.0 M2 and move between 3 and 4 GB / s, the PS5 unit is usually read at 5.5 GB / s which makes its speed fantastic, which seems to put creators' expectations in front of the fact that this console reaches DSD PCle 4.0, in such a way that it is highly necessary to consider expanding the storage space in any way. storage as long as it can be supported.

Currently, this is a process that could practically be said to still have a lot to give, as it is expected that it can be applied and thus ensure that some games in Beta phase can enjoy it in the PS5, there are still some compatibility tests of the M2 units In such a way that it is foreseen that everything can be immersed within speed showers, in addition to having the ability for all units to fit perfectly, the details that this can be given after launch, so for now it will be necessary to settle for the console space as such, and then whether to include the rest when all tests have been fully performed.

 Now that you know how to increase storage space, it is only necessary to understand that this can be done until Sony gives the green light, so that the good news from PS5 continues to grow considerably.

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