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2020-11-07 06:50:20

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The Xbox Series X / S offers us interesting news and this opens the doors to tell you How to transfer data from Xbox One

What does it mean to transfer data from Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S

  Every day advances arise in such a way that as time goes by we get some kind of improvement that we always have to focus on the changes and the fact that we know How to transfer data from Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S It is one of those novelties that is presented to us and the reason why these consoles have had a certain impact and favoritism, since it is possible to access certain memories of the predecessor that we have saved and we are given the possibility of accessing without problem in the new console , making the gaming experience simply unique.
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How to transfer data from Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S?

 This is news that has set a pattern since it has become a real novelty, especially considering that it is not necessary to do much, just:

  •  We must log into our Xbox Live account on Xbox Series X.
  • Once we log in, we agree to upload the file saved in the cloud and that's it.
  • This is a smart system from Microsoft,
  • Only saved game files can be transferred for any game that supports Smart Delivery.
  • It is possible to download digital games with an internet connection and transfer the installed games to our Xbox Series X / S


 It should be noted that knowing how to transfer data from Xbox One leads us to be able to transfer games already installed, for which we need to connect the external hard drive and thus consider:


  •  You must have at least 256GB of free storage space on the Xbox One USB port.
  • It must be a USB 3.0 hard drive.
  • Proceed to select the internal storage unit of our Xbox One and then press A.
  • Observe the Transfer option in the drop-down box that is shown to us.
  • We proceed to select the games that we consider and proceed to select Copy selected.
  • Conform the titles we want and check how much space they will occupy.
  • We unplugged the USB drive and connected it to our Xbox Series X.
  • We move to the System and Storage menu.
  • We select external storage.
  • We press the Transfer button to move the games previously installed on the Xbox Series SSD.


This is all you need to do to know how to transfer data from Xbox One, as it is a fairly easy and interesting task that we can only do with access to our Xbox Series X / S.

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