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2020-11-07 06:41:18

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Knowing how to see the serial number or the console ID is undoubtedly important in Xbox Series X / S, let's see.

What is the serial number or ID in Xbox Series X / S

This is simply an indicator and we all have the right to know it, after all, we had waited some time to have the option of a new console and with some favorable changes that allow us to enjoy the games with the features that only Xbox can offer us. , this is a last generation home console.
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How to see serial number or console ID in Xbox Series X / S?

It is actually quite an easy task and for this it is necessary to access one of these two options:

  • Take a look at the code on the back of the console: This is our first option since we don't have to do more work, because we check the back of the console where the sticker is and we proceed to see what is small enough since It is about ¾ black and ¼ gray, here there is some amount of information and some numbers in a few lines, which allows us to locate the string of numbers marked with SN, to see them more easily it is possible to use a magnifying glass.
  • Accessing the system configuration: This is another option to see the serial number or ID, and this leads us to locate ourselves in system settings, in such a way that when opening Settings it is necessary then to navigate to System and there observe all the information of the console, in such a way that this leads us to visualize below where the respective numbers will appear.

 Now that you know how to see the serial number or the ID of the console it is necessary to go and take a look at our Xbox Series X / S console.

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