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Find out how to open rune-locked chests to advance World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

What to know about World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

Certainly, with this expansion, we find very important contents, among them are some special classes of chests that are closed and that do not open in the traditional way, among which are those that are blocked with runes, these being a total of 4, For us to open them, we have to previously solve a puzzle that is related to runes, which leads us to have the explanation that will be presented later in this guide to answer How to open chests locked with runes, then let's look carefully.
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How to open rune-locked chests in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

The 4 runes must have the correct color to open these chests, which can be changed by making an interaction with the skulls that are in front of these chests, but the change made to the skull rune ends up altering the others, then only one of the skulls will be enough for the others to change, the other 3 change and another change 2 and another change only, so what we will do specifically in World of Warcraft Shadowlands is the following:


  •  With each of the 4 skulls, we must interact to know which of these controls the 4 runes, which 3, which 2, and which 1.
  • Then we go to the skull that controls 4 runes to interact until the chain is no longer
  • We go to the one that controls 3 to interact with it until it no longer has the chain
  • We go with the one that controls 2 to interact until the chain is no longer there
  • We go with the one that controls 1q until the chain is gone


 In the end, we will get the chest to be free of the chains to be able to loot it, thus knowing how to open chests blocked with runes we will have access to an Anima Power, which allows us to have an additional advantage while we continue through Torghast, these Anima are not always stellar like It was believed when coming from the vaults, it is ideal to invest the time this to achieve such a reward, in Torghast they are the only chests that we will find, taking into account the existence of those whose puzzle is related to levers, which have greater with them obstacles to face than these of the runes.

 In this way we finish with the World of Warcraft Shadowlands guide, managing to understand how to open rune-locked chests to help us in our progress and performance.

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