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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-08 14:20:28

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Season 5 of Fortnite has managed to allow us to embark on more challenges so we are going to show you where to find Bigfoot

Who is Bigfoot in Fortnite?

This simply a character that allows us to have the possibility of carrying out various missions with which we are offered the possibility of obtaining rewards such as some rare objects or simply gold ingots and the latter can precisely be used to choose to get improvements to our weapons .

Where to find big foot in Fortnite?

  • In order to get just a clue of the location you need at least 100 gold bars.
  • There is the possibility of getting a clue going in other directions such as in the northeast, southwest, southeast or northwest corner of the map.
  • Once we get the track of the marking it is necessary to be as fast as possible and that the marker have a disappear quickly and if this happens it is not possible to get the money to spawn.
  • When we get the respective location it is necessary to check that it can coincide with the track given by Bunker Jonesy, above all this can change regularly precisely because big foot does not remain stable in one place.

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Now, when we finally get a big foot which can take us to the weeping forests, we may have to give it a total of 196 woods since this is the value for a zero point fish that can sell us, and this in turn It allows us to have the ability of teleportation scripts that we can perfectly use when we are interested in dodging some enemy

  Now that you know where to find a big foot, it is time to do this search and make this Fortnite challenge an interesting task.

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