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Angel Marquez
2020-12-28 14:43:09

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Find out how to find butter in this excellent and explanatory guide to Genshin Impact.

What to know about butter in Genshin Impact?

We will find ourselves in the game with many recipes which require butter, but it is not actually possible to find it, not even buying it, it needs to be processed, which is possible to do in any pot or through a food stand, only that we must have the necessary ingredients, such as milk, which we can buy from Blanche for 100 each bottle, 2 of them being necessary, what we will do is go to the big pot that is to the right of a good hunter and process milk into butter, there are more details to consider regarding how to find butter and therefore we must pay attention to the following.

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How to find butter in Genshin Impact?

What we will do is process the ingredients, so we need fire to cook, this can be found throughout the map, which we will notice by means of a spoon and a fork as a symbol, in Mondstads we have one, when we interact With this we will arrive at the process option, with which from our inventory we are going to supply some ingredients to process, what we will do is the choice and mark the amount we want, then wait for it to occur, said process lasts 1 minute or more, taking into account that in this case we are talking about butter, it will take 4 minutes for each bar, which allows us to explore other things and then return and take the ingredients that have been processed, to obtain them only one interaction is enough, there is to take into account the usefulness of this to complete the various recipes that are required in the game.

 Clearly knowing how to find butter allows us to progress while having fun at Genshin Impact.

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