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2020-12-28 07:49:27

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We invite you to discover how to get chilled meat, a new task at Genshin Impact.

What to know about chilled meat in Genshin Impact?

This is added as part of a Goulash recipe recently with the arrival of update 1.2, it is a tool that will be very useful against the sub-zero weather that is presented in the game, which affects our health if we do not take the Due precautions, there is also a lot of new content that is presented from now on and this time we focus on how to get refrigerated meat and that is what is coming in the following text.

How to get chilled meat in Genshin Impact?

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Certainly from now on we find that the cold is a dominant factor, which leads us to die if we take measures in this regard, the effects caused by the new climate system even on new characters like Ganyu and Albedo, it is necessary than to focus the new recipe as one of the antifreeze items, it is a unique method and that gives us some protection against this sub-zero climate for a certain period of time, it is necessary that to get the recipe we complete the search for fresh meat, in this way we get it, allowing us to add a key ingredient to complete the recipe.

There are many frozen wild boars in some parts of the mountains, in the surroundings of the dragon thorn base, by defrosting them with Pyro we will be able to overcome them by changing a pack of 2 Chilled Meats, with a cooking station it is possible to process the meat, but being frozen is just as vital for the Goulash recipe, apart from getting the meat it is possible to find the great king of snowboars, which gives us about 10 Chilled Meats as a reward once we have beaten it, this is In the dragon thorn it is found and appears once a certain amount of snowboars defrost and are defeated by us.

Now that you know how to get chilled meat, just go ahead and have fun with this amazing Genshin Impact.

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