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2020-12-28 07:48:04

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How to get crimson agate 9748 in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to take care of traveling north of the Surrendered City in order to reach the statue of the seven and from this place start our search process walking along the path that usually leads away from the statue, we continue walking to the point of getting past the large hole located in the ground and from there move to the small staircase, when we get to the end of them we are given the possibility of taking a look at the wall that is cracked, there we will see some large rocks which require break by executing melee attacks, and thus get the possibility of accessing a tunnel to get the crimson agate 9748, the advantage is that this rock is usually floating near the entrance and has a bright red color which makes it difficult to lose, it is only necessary to take care of taking it.

Now, this is not the only stone that we need to get, there are others that in a way can be somewhat more complex to find, such as the crimson agate 9627, because this requires us to have scarlet quartz and to achieve it, it is usually necessary to move to the cliff that is usually located to the north of the island on the coast of the Dragon's Thorn, and in this way proceed to break the ice with the quartz polisher to find the agate.

There is a crimson agate 10180 and this one is also somewhat more complex because it makes us solve a puzzle that allows us to open the door of a cell, get a scarlet quartz to break the ice giving us the opportunity to find a chest with our agate inside.

 This is all we can tell you about How to get crimson agate 9748, it is a simple task if we compare it with the other crimson agates needed in Genshin Impact, give it a try.

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