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We invite you to discover How to recruit the beekeeper operator, a new task in Watch Dogs Legion.

What to know about the recruits in Watch Dogs Legion?

  We will find in the game that many of the recruits have special abilities, which in turn are not so easy to find, the location of these are mostly in special places, such as barracks or in red areas, if we arrive To recruit them these affect our resistance, one of the legendary is the beekeeper, who is not easily convinced, he brings with him 3 outstanding skills, using it will be vital for us, but first we must see How to recruit the beekeeper operator and in the following content will be presented.

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How to recruit the beekeeper operator in Watch Dogs Legion?

 Far above the normal citizens of the city are the experts such as the beekeeper, who have special abilities, legendary operatives have many particular things, for example we have a prominent drone in charge of using a drone against enemies, that is It is possible that the specialty of these possible recruits is noticed through a message, for the team this class of operators are of great value, although it is not easy to find them, in the case of the beekeeper we must go to Tidis Park, looking for a small icon yellow to follow, with the right lever pressed we can do a scan, this is in the park working on a swarm of bees, we must take into account the 3 skills that this has, these being the controllable swarm of bees that allow damage or distract the enemies, the overload that is a weapon capable of hitting the enemy by means of an electric discharge and the anti shock suit with which it allows be immune to shocks.

 When we find it, what we will do is press the LB, in this way we save the recruit, even when using a drone it is possible to recruit, considering that for this the technical points are required, in the same way in which a Bot is bought From spider it is possible to buy a drone and use it in the surveillance of the different areas, having access even to restricted places, it is when you get the maximum advantage of this possibility, it is important that the recruits chosen for the missions are the correct ones, since that if they die they will no longer be available in the game, there are a lot of people to recruit so let's do it.

 We hope that the information that has been detailed in this guide on How to recruit the beekeeper operator, will serve to improve your performance in Watch Dogs Legion.

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