Angel Marquez
2020-10-20 09:11:29

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Vigil The Longest Night is a very lively game and today he leads us to discover this Shortcut Guide.

What to know about the shortcuts in Vigil The Longest Night?

  There are many secrets that we are going to discover when exploring this game, among which are those well-trodden paths that turn out to be dangerous, but if we want to save some time on some routes, it is ideal to have a Shortcut Guide and for this we must pay attention to the content that comes next, let's follow it and see how it helps us in our progress.
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What are the shortcuts in Vigil The Longest Night?

 We have to consider in this Shortcut Guide, that they are well hidden, the first of them is found on the Maye bridge, here we find the owl statue number two, if we want to unlock it we have to locate ourselves under the bridge and you fight with some enemies, then we will see that there are some soldiers on top of us on a platform, if we go to the left we get a chest and then as we continue we come to an alley that seems to have no exit , but if we attack the door we will be able to return to the owl statue in which we saved before, certainly at first glance we will not notice this shortcut, but it is something we must get used to in the game.

 There is also a second shortcut, which we will find prior to the boss, this being more clearly to be found, because it is a path of darkness and blood, while the first was a very hidden door, certainly the path we took to get there. the first shortcut was the right thing to do, if we continued we were going to die the other way, losing a lot of progress as a consequence, it is always ideal that we take a few hits and explore hoping to discover the secrets that are hidden throughout the game, a shortcut comes to be of great importance in our performance.

 Thus we finalize our Shortcut Guide, hoping with this that we can get the best out of a game as busy as Vigil The Longest Night.