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Today we bring you a Little Hope guide where we will talk about How to find all hidden pictures.

What to know about hidden pictures in Little Hope?

There are a total of 13 hidden images in the game, in the different acts of it we can find them, once we complete all of them we will get the trophy of a complete image, now to understand precisely how to find all the hidden pictures, it is ideal to focus in what the following content will offer us, let's do it.

How to find all hidden pictures in Little Hope?

  • First hidden image: it is the deadly omen, which is a black cat, this is possible to find once we are playing Taylor in the chapter of not escaping, it is necessary that we give Daniel and Angela access to the door, keeping in mind that once we drive to Taylor we will go through a road, we go left to get to a berry that is open, in the back of a truck we find it and we see how to find all the hidden images.
  • Second hidden image: we are going to get the image of relatives in the chapter on tricks, this happens once we leave the black cat bar, Andrew being at the moment leaving a bar, our next move is to the left from this point to reach a wooden bench where the image in Little Hope is at the top.
  • Third hidden image: the confrontation chapter is our chapter to follow to find the human sacrifice, this is possible once we drive Angela, we will be on a road that indicates the right direction, what we will do here is look in the part of behind a car that is under a streetlight on the left, which will take us to a house where there is an oil drum and the image at the top.
  • Fourth hidden image: as for How to find all the hidden images we have that this time we are in the chapter out of the way, it is necessary to get to the police station, this is possible to notice when entering a scene in which we are speaking with John, what we will do next when we have control as Andrew is to make a right turn to find an oil drum near the wall where the image is located.

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  • Fifth hidden image: we are in the chapter of another path, having here the situation that will lead us to seek to leave a park, by means of a lamp mark we have that exit is presented, we continue to the left and then making a turn to to the right we come to a picnic bench to find the image in Little Hope.
  • Sixth hidden image: being in the chapter called the other way, we have to drive Daniel we will go to the store, once we enter somehow we will go to the staircase that will take us to the top floor, reaching a corridor to make a turn to the right and a hole in the ground we find the image.
  • Seventh hidden image: The journey of the game is the chapter where we will be able to find it, once we are at the police station we will all have John's management to return to the road, taking a left turn we will pass a path of land that leads us to a house, in a wooden box we get this image.
  • Eighth hidden image: in Little Hope we find this image once we get to the chapter of the problematic story, in the museum we will be looking for Taylor and while driving Daniel, we will hear a noise that will lead us to this, when leaving the door must be seen to the left to notice a table that shows us the image.
  • Ninth hidden image: we have to progress in how to find all the hidden images, which brings us to the chased chapter, having control over Taylor after having passed the museum reaching the road again, we have to find some wooden benches, as we follow the path we come to some tables where the image is.
  • Tenth hidden image: We go through the church in the surrounded chapter, we have to lead to the appearance of a flashback, so we move to the top where the lamp is located and then go down, once we talk with John we discover that We must stay in the church and we will control Taylor, behind us is a door that we are going to enter, we turn left and we find the image on a table.
  • Eleventh hidden image: in Little Hope we are in the reflections chapter, reaching a fork in the road, our steps must be to the left, this image is found on a table that is at the back of the board.
  • Twelfth hidden image: we arrive related to How to find all the hidden pictures until the penultimate of these, having it in the ruined chapter, after Daniel's steps we arrive at a building that is in the forest, being necessary the investigation of this we will arrive at one of the lights where we find the image on a table
  • Thirteenth hidden image: our steps reach the full circle chapter, being sheltered in a house, once we have Andrew under our control, we will go straight to get to a table that is on the right of the way where the image will be and we will have Solved How to find all hidden pictures in Little Hope.

Finally, now that we know how to find all hidden
pictures we can move on to Little Hope.

The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope
PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows PC
Interactive drama, survival horror
Supermassive Games
Bandai Namco Entertainment, PlayStation Store, Microsoft, Steam,
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
30 October 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating (PEGI):

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