Lidia Rozo
2020-11-03 07:40:27

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Dirt 5 is very close to arriving and it is necessary to know how to change the difficulty.

What does Dirt 5 bring us?

Motors fans have a new form of entertainment with the arrival of this game, which has managed through its previous installments to get involved in a very interesting world of motorsports since the rally has its epicenter here well marked, we have some races that make it truly fantastic, thus allowing us to achieve that it can be quite a challenge such is the case of the Dirt 5Rally 2.0 for which it is necessary to know the difficulty setting and this is precisely the topic that we want to touch on today.
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How to change the difficulty in Dirt 5?

The first thing we must make clear is that this game has difficulty:

  •  Very easy.
  • Easy.
  • Medium.
  • Difficult.
  • Very difficult.


 To change the difficulty there is no greater complexity since this only requires locating ourselves on the menu screen or simply during a race, and it is done in this way:


 Press the Options button on the PS4 or access the Profile Menu on the Xbox One.

  • Next you need to select Settings.
  • Then select Driving aids.
  • Next we will see the option of difficulty of the race at the top of the page.
  • We can give ourselves the opportunity to choose the option that we consider convenient and feasible for Traction Control and Antilock Brakes.


Definitely, knowing how to change the difficulty can be a somewhat reduced option but it is usually given in some way well explained so that we can enjoy Dirt 5 without major inconvenience and with everything that this game can offer us.