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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-29 16:47:32

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Activities just don't stop at Watch Dogs Legion and this lets us tell you How to Crouch and Sneak

What is the advantage of crouching and sneaking in Watch Dogs Legion?

  As we progress in this game we get the opportunity to carry out some hacking activities and missions where it is necessary to take care of our back, above all it is important to have the possibility of sneaking into a city big enough like London, besides that they are a type of tactics that can benefit us when we are immersed in some action that involves stealth.
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How to Crouch and sneak around in Wath Dogs Legion?

Crouching down to get knocked down is an interesting and highly feasible action when we are immersed in a mission, as it allows us to have the advantage over an enemy, especially it is possible to use it when we have a considerable number of enemies and it only requires pressing the Left analog stick.

On the other hand, sneaking out is an interesting way to make sure that the enemies cannot see us, in such a way that we can get them out of our way and for which it is only necessary to move the left analog stcik while crouching, since we will proceed to squat.

  Generally speaking, knowing how to Crouch and sneak can be our best bet against enemies in Watch Dogs Legion.

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