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Want to know where to find the Enfer Back Room in Warzone 2 DMZ? Find out what this room is and how to get there with our extensive Warzone 2 DMZ guide.

What is Enfer Back Room?

The Enfer Back Room is a hidden area in Warzone 2 DMZ, located inside the Sa'id Mall. It contains a variety of items, including weapons, armor, and even rare loot. There is also a security system in place that survivors must get past in order to access the Enfer Back Room.

Where to Find the Enfer Back Room in Warzone 2 DMZ ?

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The best way to access the Enfer Back Room is to go undetected, avoiding combat. To do this, survivors must enter the Sa'id Mall, a landmark in Sa'id City located south of the Sattiq Cave Complex and north of the Al Shamman Cemetery. Whilst usually one key is needed to enter a treasure room, here survivors must also have a key to enter the Shopping Center through its main entrances or gain access via the rooftop.

Finding the Enfer Back Room in Warzone 2 DMZ can be a difficult task, but the rewards are worth the effort. Survivors who manage to access the hidden area will be rewarded with rare loot, weapons, and armor that can provide an edge on the battlefield. With the right key and a bit of stealth, anyone can obtain access to the Enfer Back Room and reap the rewards within.

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