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2024-04-14 18:38:18

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We invite you to discover how to get Rebirth Island nuke skin in Warzone with this explanatory guide today.

How to get nuclear contracts from Rebirth Island in Warzone?

The first thing we need to know is that there are two ways to get the nuclear contract and this involves working a little, each of these methods usually gives us a total of 3 tickets, these contracts are usually located on the map in our next games, and we can choose and activate to start Champions Quest, here are the methods that we must apply to access the contracts:

  • Achieve 30 victories in total.
  • Get 5 consecutive victories.

How To Get Rebirth Island Nuke Skin in Warzone?

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Now, our next task is to obtain 3 elements, this implies that:

  • The first item will mark us on the map for all other players on the map.
  • The second element will charge us every minute, as if we were hit with a Shock Stick.
  • The third element will disable our radar.

Now that we have Champions Quest on our map, we will only have 10 minutes to complete the objective, we must wait 10 minutes for the element to drop.

There are some activities that we can carry out to make this period of time go by faster, these are usually:

  • Get kills.
  • Interrogate fallen targets.
  • Execute fallen opponents with finishing moves.
  • Buy as many items as we can to reduce time.

It is important to keep in mind that it is ideal to play with our squad, this is because a single member will carry all the elements, because he will suffer the penalties and the other members will be able to do all the work. Now, in How To Get Rebirth Island Nuke Skin in Warzone, it is important to keep in mind that during the activation of the contract the UAV of our squad will be active, this allows us to locate and eliminate other players, however, it should be noted that it does not We must necessarily eliminate everyone, since it is necessary to take into account, raise money, complete contracts, etc.

How to activate the nuclear bomb on Rebirth Island?

Having the three elements, our next task is to interact with the nuclear bomb and wait for it to detonate, in just 2 minutes, we must protect the nuclear bomb so that other players can turn it off, this offers us some nuclear rewards, such as:

  • Operator aspect: “Material handling”
  • Weapon Charm: "Master Procrastinator"
  • Business card: “Champion Banner”
  • Weapon Tag: “Alpha Particles”
  • Weapon camouflage: "Engine light is on"

We win the game by detonating the bomb, and we will get the rewards listed above, it is a somewhat difficult job, the timer lasts 10 minutes, which may represent a bug in the game, but it can be eliminated, perhaps with future updates.

We conclude this guide on How To Get Rebirth Island Nuke Skin in Warzone, so we advise you to follow the instructions given here and be rewarded.

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