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How to Get Haki in Pixel Piece is a guide to help players use Haki to strengthen their weapons and themselves in this game.

What is Haki in Pixel Piece?

Haki is a mysterious power found in the world of One Piece. It allows the user to strengthen their weapons, use force of will to exert their power over others, and even use the power of observation to see what others cannot. In Pixel Piece, it is a powerful ability that can be used to strengthen your weapons and yourself.

How to Get Haki in Pixel Piece ?

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There are three levels of Haki that can be acquired in Pixel Piece, each with different requirements. The first level of Haki can be acquired by leveling up to 70 and acquiring 5000 Gold. Then, head to Vaill Island and get a quest from the NPC Next. Afterwards, go to the Jungle of Chaos via the passage to the left of the NPC. Wait until night and break the chains that bind the Ancient Gorilla. Finally, defeat the Ancient Gorilla to receive Haki v1.

For the second and third level of Haki, you must acquire the corresponding pieces of Haki from the same Ancient Gorilla. To acquire the second level of Haki, you must defeat the Gorilla during the day. For the third level of Haki, you must defeat the Gorilla at night.

Now that you know how to get Haki in Pixel Piece, you can start your journey and master the ability. Be sure to level up your Haki to get more powerful boosts. Good luck on your journey!

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