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2024-04-09 12:02:37

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Find out How to get DG-56 Redacted Blueprint in Warzone Rebirth Island in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about the drafted DG-56 blueprint in Warzone Rebirth Island?

It is necessary that we face a group of puzzles that are scattered throughout this island, it is important to complete them if we want to solve How to get DG-56 Redacted Blueprint in Warzone Rebirth Island, after we have achieved it, it will be enough for us to access the POI keyboard of the industry to access a screen that will end up granting us the plan for free, for the details that we must complete are presented below.

How to get DG-56 Redacted Blueprint in Warzone Rebirth Island?

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Restoration of power on Renaissance Island

We will look for the identification card, to do this we aim and shoot at the box inside the staircase of the factory building, this will make the identification card fall, we continue to the Konni control building, flanked between the points of interest of the factory and of chemical engineering, and we entered the facilities using the identification card. Once inside, we can restore power by interacting with the computer and this will reward us with a kill streak.

Pressure stability

We will go to the main Chemical Engineering building to discover three numerical codes spread over several levels. These codes will be accompanied by three unique Cyrillic letters. Be sure to write down the letter corresponding to each number.

  • ш – It is located in the second level of Chemical Engineering
  • ж – It is located in the third level of Chemical Engineering.
  • д – It is located on the ground floor of Chemical Engineering

Once we have obtained all three, we will go to the command center on the ground floor of Chemical Engineering, where three tanks with numbers and corresponding symbols will be visible. We press the red button to reset the water level. Next, we operate each Terminal computer located next to the red button to enter the numerical codes located on the floors of the building, relating them to their respective Cyrillic letters. If we execute it correctly, a notification will appear confirming that pressure stability has been reached and we will be able to access the drafted DG-56 plan.

Finally, now that we know How to get DG-56 Redacted Blueprint in Warzone Rebirth Island we can continue with our progress in such a fast-paced game.

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