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2021-02-08 07:37:40

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Find copper

This mineral requires making use of the pick, since it is necessary to have to dig in the ground to find it in the ground, this makes us go to the Black Forest, however, there is the possibility that it can occur in some random place, but most We usually get him in the forest, the detail here is that it is necessary to be careful, because in these places there are high probabilities of fighting with powerful opponents such as trolls or gray dwarves, once we manage to defeat them there is the option to find the copper In the areas surrounding the mountains, this task can be somewhat tedious and this is because sometimes we hammer and what we get are simply stones, however, being persistent serves as a necessary activity to achieve the goal.

Find tin

This is another necessary mineral that we must look for in this game, it can be said that it is a little less complex than copper, since it is vital to choose to locate lagoons masses of water and that in the surroundings of rivers there is the possibility of finding this resource, However, it is not the only way, because throughout the game there are some options to get this mineral, you just have to be attentive while we move.

This is all you need to know about where to find copper and tin, it is simply a necessary search due to the resources in Valheim without vitals.

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Action, Adventure, Indie, Role Playing, Early Access
Iron Gate AB, Coffee Stain Publishing, Coffee Stain Studios
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2 FEB 2021
Single-player, multiplayer
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