Lidia Rozo
2021-02-08 07:14:21

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Dyson Sphere Program keeps us busy, and it is convenient to tell you how to charge your mecha.

Why charge your mecha in Dyson Sphere Program?

It is something necessary that we must do in the game in order to recharge the energy that allows the functionality of our suit to its maximum capacity, the cultivation of this is something that requires a lot of time, but it does not necessarily have to be fueled. To see how to charge your wick, so we will see the details in the following content of how to do it, let's see.

How to charge your mecha in Dyson Sphere Program?

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The unlocking of some improvements is necessary in the technology tree, it is electromagnetism and high-efficiency plasma control, the latter being the most complicated, while electromagnetic matrices can be created by means of a laboratory, when we have them unlocked we both have to create a tesla tower and some wind turbines, which allows the creation of an electrical network that will help us with the power tower wirelessly, which requires a tesla tower and 3 plasma exciters, which we obtain By means of 4 magnetic coils and 2 assemblers, we have to put the wireless tower in any area of the electrical network, which will allow us to load our suit without spending the fuel reserve, only that it is important to be very close to the tower.

This is all we know about how to charge your mecha and thus be able to coat in Dyson Sphere Program