Lidia Rozo
2022-10-18 11:08:07

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Today we bring a guide where we will tell you how to make glass in Unturned.

What is the glass in Unturned?

  This is a necessary resource in this game, this is usually of vital importance due to the use that it usually has in craft recipes, it is used in the windows of our house or our base, only to get glass we must take care of it of having some specific resources and about them we are going to talk to you here.

How to make glass in Unturned?

  To manufacture glass we must have:
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  • 2 Metal Sheets: These are usually made from scrap metal.
  • Heat (campfire): this requires getting 5 logs to be able to make it.


 With the resources in our possession, it is necessary to cook the two metal sheets in the campfire until cooking level 1 is achieved.

Once we have the glass we can place it anywhere in the house in the 2x2 vertical plane, it is possible to make One-Way Glass or Bulletproof Glass and use it in windows, this allows us to increase the security of the base, to do it we just have to take care of:

Heat 2 weak glasses with the campfire until cooking level 1 is reached and in this way get 1 bulletproof glass or 1 one-way glass.

Having the necessary resources allows us to have the opportunity to upgrade our Weak Glass to Bulletproof or One-Way Glass, it should be noted that Weak Glass has 400 health, but Bulletproof and One-Way Glass have 900 health.

 Now that you know how to make glass in Unturned, so it is necessary to have the resources and get the most out of glass.

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