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A lot of attention if you are interested in learning how to make Fiddlehead Pie in Tower of Fantasy, because in this article we will tell you how to make it.

What is the noodle cake in Tower of Fantasy?

It is one of the foods that you can prepare in the game and that you can use to recover health and satiety points, so if you don't know how to prepare this cake, you just have to keep reading.

How to make Fiddlehead Pie in Tower of Fantasy?

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This food will be very useful to you to be able to recover 16 percent and 34,000 health and ten points of satiety. To do this you will have to get the recipe first and then the ingredients.

To get the recipe you will have to quickly find a kitchen robot and interact with it. Then you will have to access the menu> select the creation> place all the necessary ingredients until you achieve a success rate of 80 to 100 percent> press cook and you will receive the recipe.

As for ingredients you will have to get the following:

  • x2 violin head, which you can get in the Banges region, near the factory area, in banges tech
  • x2 Brown rice, which you can find in Navia. On Raincaller Island, where you'll find a lot of brown rice under Cetus Island and nearby areas.

 This is the only thing you need to know about how to make Fiddlehead Pie in Tower of Fantasy, so we hope we have been very helpful and we hope that you quickly find all the ingredients for this meal.

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