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2023-12-21 06:08:00

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Discover the secrets to How to Get Free Fenrir Haute Couture in Tower of Fantasy and elevate your gaming experience.

If you're a Tower of Fantasy player, you know just how exclusive the Fenrir Haute Couture is. This outfit is only available during the Winter Festival event, making it one of the most sought-after items in the game. Fortunately, you don't have to spend real money to get your hands on it. In this guide, we'll teach you how to obtain Fenrir Haute Couture for free.

How to Get Free Fenrir Haute Couture in Tower of Fantasy

Participate in Various Modes

The Winter Festival event offers several modes that players can participate in. These modes include Snowball Fight, Ice Skating, and more. By participating in these modes, players can earn Store Tokens as rewards. These tokens are essential for obtaining Fenrir Haute Couture.

When playing Snowball Fight, for example, players can earn 2 Store Tokens per game. On the other hand, Ice Skating can reward players with up to 5 Store Tokens per round. These tokens can then be exchanged for various rewards at the event store.

Exchange Store Tokens

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Once you've accumulated enough Store Tokens, head over to the event store to exchange them for rewards. The store offers several items, including the Fluffy White Chocolate skin and the Zero Decibel weapon skin. However, the most exciting reward is, of course, the Fenrir Haute Couture.

To obtain Fenrir Haute Couture, players need to exchange 200 Store Tokens. This may seem like a lot, but with enough participation in various modes, you can quickly accumulate tokens. Additionally, players can also exchange their tokens for Red and Gold Nuclei, special vouchers, and materials.

Daily Log-In Events

Aside from participating in various modes and exchanging store tokens, players can also get free Fenrir Haute Couture by logging in daily during the Winter Festival event. There are two daily log-in events that players can take advantage of.

From December 21 to December 26, 2023, players can acquire up to 2 Red Nuclei and 3 Special Vouchers by logging in daily. Meanwhile, from December 25 to January 8, 2024, players can get up to 10 Red Nuclei by logging in daily. These items can then be used to exchange for Store Tokens or directly purchase Fenrir Haute Couture.

In conclusion, getting free Fenrir Haute Couture in Tower of Fantasy is possible. By participating in various modes, exchanging store tokens, and logging in daily, players can obtain this exclusive outfit without spending real money. Remember to take advantage of these opportunities before the end of the Winter Festival event on January 8th. Good luck on your quest for Fenrir Haute Couture!

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