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We embark on a quest to indicate you. Where to find all Ruin A-03 chest in Tower of Fantasy.

What is the point of finding all the chests in Ruin A-03 in Tower of Fantasy?

Having the opportunity to go on a search through the ruins that usually have certain rewards, this can be a somewhat complex task in some cases and applies even to the most experienced players, however, even though it is somewhat difficult, it is worth the effort. It's worth the effort to get a total of 6 different chests, only these will have to be obtained on Hard difficulty in the same locations that are usually available on Normal or Easy difficulty.

Where to find all Ruin A-03 chest in Tower of Fantasy?

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First chest: this is usually on top of the metal structure that is located on the left side, and we find it when landing in the ruins.

Second chest:
we continue in the search and after having obtained the first we must look directly to see it on the opposite side of the previous one, this is usually on top of a platform on the right side of the road.

Third chest: this is under some rubble on the left side of the corridor, this makes it necessary to land from the upper platforms.

Fourth chest: we must take care of looking in the opposite direction to the previous chest to get it, this is usually on the left side of the same location as chest 3.

Fifth chest:
we can see it behind some lasers, this is located on the right side of where we left the main hall by jumping to the other side.

Sixth chest:
this is the last one we should look for, and it is in the direction set to chest 5 on the edge, we just have to look down to see it, it is located on a platform below the edge of the lever platform.

Now that you know Where to Find all Ruin A-03 chest in Tower of Fantasy, it's time to launch into this interesting but complex quest, give it a try.

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