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We go into a quest to tell you where to find meaty tails in Tower of Fantasy.

What are meaty tails in Tower of Fantasy?

  This is a resource that we have in this game and that is usually necessary to heal our characters and thus obtain some extra benefits that allow us to progress in this game, this implies having the ability to get involved in a preparation task where we have various ingredients to prepare certain dishes, some may be more exotic than others.

Where to find meaty tails in Tower of Fantasy?

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We must take care of going to the desert region of Vera that is usually inhabited by a good class of creatures, moreover, to be a desert, there is a lot of population, we must take care of creating wild beasts and these usually release this resource, for our good fortune we will get you in different sizes and shapes.

This search allows us to make these recipes:


  •   Grilled Lizard Tail – Requires 2 Meaty Tails
  • Spicy Fried Rice – Requires 1 Meaty Tail
  • BBQ Platter – Requires 1 Meaty Tail


  Now that you know where to find meaty tails in Tower of Fantasy, you can take on this quest and thus make interesting recipes.

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