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This article Where to find revelation seeds in Tower of Fantasy.

What is Revelation Seeds?

Revelation Seeds are special items that can be used to summon powerful creatures in Tower of Fantasy. They are found in mysterious Broods scattered around the Miasmic Swamp. The Broods are egg-shaped structures that appear to be emitting a light smoke and are green in color.

Where to find revelation seeds in Tower of Fantasy?

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Revelation Seeds are exclusively located in the swamp's noxious areas, which usually have a noticeable haze to signify the presence of poisonous Titan Konjac roots. These roots are identified by their green and purple hue, and coming too close to them can be dangerously damaging. To get your hands on a Revelation Seed, you must carefully go around the poisonous roots.

The best way to find Revelation Seeds is to look for areas that have a large concentration of them. You can usually spot these areas by observing the smoke emanating from the Broods. Once you've identified a good spot for searching, move around carefully and pick up the Revelation Seeds that appear.

Revelation Seeds are essential items for summoning creatures in the Tower of Fantasy. While the search for these powerful items can be dangerous, it's well worth the effort. With a little patience, you'll be able to find the Revelation Seeds you need to make your gaming experience more enjoyable.

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