Lidia Rozo
2020-08-13 10:48:42

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Now that Total War Saga Troy has finally come out, it is time for you to know how to get resources, as they are necessary for our relationships.

This is a game where resources play a fundamental role, since it is possible to use them when we command guts to expand, sometimes resources can be very useful in negotiations with other factions, whatever the option there is nothing better than having they.

What are the main resources in Total War Saga Troy?

It is good to comment that when we start this game we have the possibility of having some interesting amount of main resources, which can be phenomenal when it comes to expanding and are the following:
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This is necessary for the construction of unique buildings, to get some improvements for our troops, it is the most expensive resource, so having a gold mine in a province means that we must constantly take care of it.


This resource is necessary for the weapons that we will use in complex fights and is ideal for advanced outposts.


This resource is necessary for the construction of buildings in the provinces.


Being heroes implies feeding ourselves, as it is the only way to have populations of armies and cities.


This is an ideal resource for the construction of buildings in the province.

How to get resources in Total War Saga Troy?

An interesting way to get resources when we manage to conquer a province, not all provinces harvest the same resources, this means that it is only possible to build a building exclusively with resources if the province has an empty slot. However, it is necessary to make some things clear and that is that the capital of the province must have spaces for the construction of the Temple and the Administration. Another interesting option to obtain resources is from our allies since they may be willing to trade, this specifically is important when we can see those results are the resources of a province and to do so it is only necessary to place the cursor over the icon at the right of the name.

This is all you need to know about how to get resources, as it is obviously an arduous but interesting task that we can only carry out in Total War Saga Troy.