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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-14 15:09:01

More about: Total War Saga Troy

Today we make an explanatory guide of Total War Saga Troy where we focus on explaining how to play as Paris, let's see.

Who is Paris in Total War Saga Troy?

This is Héctor's brother, he has been in charge of calling war regardless of the cost it may have, for him the important thing is to achieve the glory of his father, but he has a considerable weakness and is that he is not willing to stay away from Helena , he used to follow what has simply led him to elope with her, they fell in love but all that has done is to fuel the war, because this allows us to understand that knowing how to play as Paris is simply part of a bloody and violent world by nature or we could say maybe, for love.
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What are the mechanisms to play as Paris in Total War Saga Troy?

There are two particular mechanisms, both of which are about making Helena happy, this implies that it is possible to move her as Paris advances, while this happens and happiness overwhelms her, it is possible to observe a positive growth of happiness ranging from 45 to 10, it is necessary to be vigilant so that it does not feel alone or without the visit of Paris, as it can become somewhat cold and sad, implying that the entire province will only receive a negative happiness that we must try not to last long, because as soon As Paris returns, this proceeds to change, implying that it is necessary to know how to play as Paris to establish complete tranquility in Helena.

 The second mechanism that we must consider is to monitor Príamo's whims, especially since here it is necessary to carry out some important tasks since this allows us to choose the 3 bonuses that are available, as well as the possibility of beating our Brother since it is necessary get final approval, also this allows us to reach the final heir marker where we managed to get the provinces of our brother as well as the provinces of Troy, being favorable to know how to play as Paris.

How to play as Paris in Total War Saga Troy?

Paris and Helena always have to stay close for the common good, on the one hand because Paris requires a completely powerful army, and on the other hand because it is Paris who keeps Helena happy and not doing so can be complicated for the province, also another option why it is interesting to consider knowing How to play as Paris is the possibility of showing our father that we really are worthy of inheriting Troy, In this sense it is important to have large defense units in Total War Saga Troy since the idea is to protect the walls from the Bigger cities.

It is vital to have Phrygian warriors and axmen, we can also choose to recruit some Trojan princes who can be very useful to us, our main objective here is to make our father happy so we must achieve some provinces quickly, it will even be necessary to beat our father to get all of Troy, it is vital to achieve a considerable expansion of our territory.

 Now that you know how to play as Paris it is time to give yourself a chance and test how strong you can be in Total War Saga Troy.

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