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The possibility of getting new characters in Risk of Rain 2 is simply interesting, let's see How to get the Captain

Who is the Captain in Risk of Rain 2?

This is nothing more than a new character in this game, it has an interesting amount of skills, it is also a survivor who can control the battlefield, which makes it more interesting without neglecting that it comes previously equipped with some charges additional.

How to get the Captain in Risk of Rain 2?

It is necessary to focus on reaching the Moon where it will be necessary to defeat Mithrix the final boss, and then proceed to escape from this place before it is specifically the space rock that makes an explosion and ends up eliminating us after a great effort, This allows us not to unlock only the Captain but even to have the possibility of obtaining a secondary skin, since this task of knowing How to get the Captain is only done once we have finished Risk of Rain 2.

What are the Captain's abilities and charges in Risk of Rain 2?

Knowing how to get the Captain is a task that we can only do at the end of the game but that also allows us to have some interesting abilities of this character, ideal to face our greatest enemy, the final boss, and these are the following:
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Primary: This is highly lethal at close range as it can use a Vulcan Shotgun.

Passive: This ability allows you to win microbots by knocking down enemies as this means that they have the Defensive Microbots ability.

Utility: It has the ability to stun and shoot targets in a certain radius, with at least 3 explosive charges using the Orbital Probe.

Secondary: This ability is great for hitting and stunning an enemy using Power Tazer.

Here we find a launch capsule requested by the captain, it is only possible to request two for each level having as an object an Orbital Supply Beacon.

Explosive Charges.

The Shocking Lighthouse:
It is possible to impact and immobilize the enemies that manage to access a certain area by using a charge.

Beacon: Healing: this is a skill that can affect considerably because it has the ability to affect us and our allies in a certain range, ideal for the most formidable encounters.

Resupply Lighthouse: We have the ability to use this charge as we progress through the game and complete the Wanderlust challenge, it is important to have at least 10 different environments during a race.

Faro Hacker: some objects can simply be obtained after completing a challenge, thus implying the possibility of repairing and recruiting a TC-280 prototype that can only be obtained after defeating Mithrix on the Moon, since it is possible to count on the possibility that the beacon is able to considerably reduce the cost of certain items that can be purchased.

Now that you know how to get the Captain, it's time to put his interesting skills to use to get more action in Risk of Rain 2.

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