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The action in Total War Saga Troy does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to increase influence.

What to know about the influence on Total War Saga Troy?

At the time of carrying out an invasion, the influence does not become adequate on the part of the logically invaded citizens, which makes the lack of support for our cause, in the game we have the existence of many factions, in which each one has statistics of influence, the lower the influence, the less cooperation is expected, thus causing several things against, the low production of resources and more if we are not from the same region, what we must do to change all this is to know how to increase the influence, because in this guide will be the answers and we just have to pay close attention to it.
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    How to increase influence in Total War Saga Troy?

     There are many factors that are responsible for determining the influence of a province, these are the local population, events, characters, buildings and commandments, tribal culture and royal decrees, we will find these statistics by clicking on the province and Its details, this in the menu, considering that the unit must be in a certain range to be able to be verified, we have the possibility of increasing mentioned factors in order to have greater influence, in the places that we have low influence we can leave the characters that are influential so that they work in the cultural sphere, making royal decrees that lead us to improve the influence in that region, with 60 percent culture we will be able to count on a good impulse of the influence in bonds, in this way more resources, we can check the details as we progress in the statistics.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to increase influence, has been useful to have fun at Total War Saga Troy.

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