Angel Marquez
2020-08-17 08:55:36

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With our Total War Saga Troy guide you will learn more about how to replenish troops.

What to know about the troops in Total War Saga Troy?

After we finish a battle it is important to do a review of our troops, this in order to be attentive to some setbacks that we may go through later, we will do this by checking our HP, after that if possible we will rely on one of the most outstanding systems in the game that will lead us to resupply the troops, if we want to understand how to replenish troops we must follow the upcoming content of this guide very closely, then let's do it very carefully from now on.
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How to replenish troops in Total War Saga Troy?

It is important that to use this mechanic we are in a territory of our domain, friend, in such a way that we will see our troops gradually replenish, otherwise we apply a way to replenish our troops in case we are on enemy soil, to This requires that we have at least half of the campaign movement points available, in order to camp instantly when we make a change in posture.

It is necessary that we be sure of being safe before we make the change of position of our camp, this with the purpose of avoiding that they attack us in the process of replenishment of the troops this if we do not have intentions to go through the return to any friendly territory, now a prayer to Hera can help us to replenish the casualties by 10 percent so it is an additional option that will help us with something no matter how little it may seem.

 In conclusion, knowing how to replenish troops is excellent because we can advance further in this fast-paced game such as Total War Saga Troy.