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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-13 17:29:54

More about: Total War Saga Troy

One of the strategies to do well in Total War Saga Troy is to know how to improve relations with other factions, let's see.

Why improve relations with other factions in Total War Saga Troy?

Being the best as possible with our allies is necessary, as this allows us to have the possibility of not having to be vigilant on our borders constantly, of course this does not imply that we should not be properly prepared for battle. Working with other factions can make life a bit easier, because they are preparing to negotiate with us, they will not attack us and to complete they will help us in the war.

It is necessary to understand some necessary aspects when establishing favorable relations with the factions and they are the following.

Go to the Known Factions tab and search at the bottom on the right side of the interface, managing to place ourselves on the fourth icon of the map and then click on the faction next to the name and with it see the complete information of it .
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On the other hand, diplomacy plays a fundamental role practically everywhere, here it is not the exception, since it has an interesting and crucial role when it comes to knowing how to improve relations with other factions, just press the 7 key to go to the diplomacy page.

How to improve relations with other factions in Total War Saga Troy?

Improving the attitude of the faction is a slow and complex process that requires having some alternative regions that we can take over and control, this is most of all fundamental for those who consider expanding an empire, at this point it is possible to consider some resources, For example, elements such as food and wood end up being ideal in a trade process, in addition a non-aggression pact can be essential for relations with the faction, however it is likely to go for other juicier resources such as gold , bronze or stone.

Now that you know how to improve relationships with other factions, it is time to expand and achieve phenomenal alliances in Total War Saga Troy.

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