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In the Ghost of Tsushima universe we have many tasks, so we bring you the Gosaku Armor Guide to guide you in one of them.

What to know about the Gosaku armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

With this armor it is possible to have a series of improvements in health, resisting greater damage received, certainly you have to reach a certain point in the game to access it, but it will be worth the wait, being able to destroy our enemies with higher resistance, if we want to understand more then, let's move on to this Gosaku Armor Guide which has more precise details below.

How to get Gosaku's armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

This Gosaku armor guide leads us to go through the musician first, it is important that by now we have completed the first act and thus it is possible to choose this mission, in a small town called Akashima that is located west of the forest Hakutaru we are going to find the musician, he will send us by 6 keys that are distributed in different areas, being Izuhara, Toyotama the first, and then we have to in the farms of Aoi, lijima, Kuta, Koshimizu, Ohama and Yagata, on our map are locations are present.
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In the farms we have to eliminate the Mongols who will appear in each of them, but going hidden can be a good strategy, thus avoiding a large mass of enemies that can accumulate, those who represent a greater challenge from our enemies are those that we have to eliminate and thus it is possible that all areas will be cleared, considering that the hostages can be eliminated by these Mongols.

Where to find Gosaku's armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

The final step of this Gosaku Armor Guide is the location of the armor, for this we have to have saved the hostages, since one of them will give us the access key, we will go to a scene when the enemies retreat, at get the necessary keys the approach will become the Akashima hill, this location is northeast of the ancient rice fields of Togo, here we will go through an enemy confrontation and after that we have to locate a stone door that is in the hill precisely in the middle, accessing a secret passage, we will have to use our rope to reach a platform that is very high, by the right of the rock we will be able to reach a chest, which will be our armor.

In conclusion with this Gosaku Armor Guide we can continue to improve our performance and fun in Ghost of Tsushima.

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