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Knowing how to change the difficulty is undoubtedly an important task that we can perform in Phasmophobia.

  This is a game that allows us to make use of the difficulty that may be more favorable for us, which allows us to want to know how to change the difficulty, since we are facing a game where psychological terror and somewhat terrifying tests are part of the picture , only that the difficulty is an issue that is not achieved just by pressing a button, on the contrary it leads us to have to progress to achieve it, because this is simply a somewhat complex environment that allows us to choose to perform some challenges that in some Cases can be difficult, even when we have at least 3 friends.
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    How to change the difficulty in Phasmophobia?

     This is undoubtedly a necessary task, for which it is necessary to consider:


    •  We start this game on Amateur difficulty.
    • Get to level up.
    • Carry out specific activities that allow us to level up.
    • Survive, this because we are immersed in a horror game.
    • Reach level 10 to get intermediate difficulty.
    • Get to level 15 to get professional difficulty
    • Choose to get some maps that may be a bit more complex.


     When we manage to reach a complex difficulty, we are allowed to opt for rewards that may be more favorable and much better, because this change in difficulties simply allows us to band between the changing difficulties, since this is a task that usually occurs at intervals and this occurs every 5 minutes, which is simply the time necessary to prepare and disassemble the equipment before performing a ghostly interference, only that when we reach the most complex point of the difficulty, that is to say, professional, it simply opens up the possibility of obtaining maps that may be more difficult but with more favorable rewards.


    What are the rewards for changing the difficulty in Phasmophobia?

     Changing the difficulty is not an easy task, however, doing it and achieving it successfully allows us to get some rewards such as:


    •  The crucifix.
    • Get double money by completing a map on intermediate difficulty.
    • Reach 50 percent EXP on the intermediate difficulty.
    • Earn triple the money by culminating in professional difficulty.
    • Get 100 percent XP on Pro Difficulty.


     Now that you know how to change the difficulty, it is time to try it and see that even though it may be complicated, it is rewarding, as it is one of the many advantages we get when playing Phasmophobia.

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