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2022-06-21 20:53:58

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The Sims 4 is a very busy game and today we will tell you about the Werewolf Abilities.

What to know about the Werewolf Abilities in The Sims 4?

With the arrival of the recent update we have many new things, highlighting the pickpockets and new creatures for the gaming experience, in this instant, werewolves come to have important capabilities that allow them to be more ruthless in some cases, as for the Werewolf Abilities we will depend on the points that allow unlocking them, to have details with greater precision let's follow closely the following.

What are the Werewolf Abilities in The Sims 4?

There are a couple of categories in The Sims 4 for these skills, being these the inactive and rank, it is appropriate that we have clear what each of these represents and what to do for their corresponding unlocking.

Among the werewolf skills we have that the inactive ones have an influence that allows us to stay in wolf as long as possible, achieving the werewolf empathy trait in The Sims 4, now these skills are the following:

  • Lunar Epiphany: here we gain access to the secrets and history of these creatures, including a possible cure in ancient writings.
  • Empathy: with this one, all the fury of another werewolf is eliminated, allowing to pacify them.
  • Werewolf Mentoring: allows you to guide werewolves with advice and sharing experiences while in beast mode.
  • Werewolf threat: with intimidation, other creatures are frightened.
  • Diplomacy: allows talking to others that there is humanity in werewolves, seeking sympathy from the human about them, being achieved the werewolf ally trait.
  • Transformation Mastery: allows bringing the beast when we want while maintaining the human form, we must prevent a fellow werewolf to scare others to get it.

As for the Werewolf Abilities we have that the rank ones lead us to add points while we are in werewolf form in The Sims 4, the abilities achieved are the following:

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    First rank

    • Ferocity: intimidate others by showing our fangs, scaring those around us.
    • Wolf Nap: sleeping on the ground.
    • Territory marking: something that happens anywhere.
    • Scavenging: discovering treasures by digging in the ground.
    • Grooming: licking one's body in the process in which werewolves groom themselves.

     Second rank

    • Ravenous hunger: the hunger meter is satisfied by eating anything.
    • Hunter: foraging in the wilderness.
    • Will to resist: being in a Rampage, you get to control your emotions.
    • Enhanced sense of smell: by means of the nose, you can smell the emotions and treasures by detecting nearby hidden limbs.
    • Grim Howl: allows unleashing fury in The Sims 4 with the use of howls.

     Third rank

    • Curse bearer: for humans, allows getting the gift of the werewolf.
    • Howl Pack: from great distances, we can communicate with others in our pack.
    • Natural healing: quickly heal injuries and wounds.
    • Night vision: being able to see in the dark.
    • Moon Blessing: with Werewolf Abilities like this, we can improve sleep, learning faster.

     Fourth rank

    • Primal instincts: less negative emotions will be experienced.
    • Tunneler: we can enter or escape by digging a tunnel wherever we want.
    • Moon resistance: we will not be affected by the moon.
    • Hunting group: we can create a group where humans also join with the interaction of the leading hunting group.
    • Vicious howl: a great, intense howl that spreads fear.

     Fifth rank

    • Wolf Legacy: allows you to earn 250 points.
    • Lunar howl: with the glow of the moon, it is possible to transform without return to the human.
    • Immortal wolf: we will live forever.
    • Alpha wolf: be the leader of the pack.
    • Super speed: we can reach places faster.

    In conclusion, knowing What are the Werewolf Abilities is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in The Sims 4 4.

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