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2020-06-19 10:55:42

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The Last of Us Part 2 has arrived and we are going to tell you how to heal

Do I need to heal at The Last of Us Part 2?

Of course, because we are not robots that do not feel, and in the course of our journey we get to the possibility of suffering some type of injury, because remember that it will be necessary to maintain some hand-to-hand combat and these can leave scratches, or injuries not so superficial but this has a solution.
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How to heal in The Last of Us Part 2 ?

It is necessary to consider that this second installment has some things similar to part 1, so we already know that this can be achieved through some objects, so the option of collecting objects throughout our adventure is not simply an alternative, it is practically an obligation. because they can serve to restore our health to a certain degree, although it is necessary to take into account two very important elements and these are:


  •  Food kids, as these are simply scattered all over the world, which allow us to heal and can be collected by pressing the D-pad and pressing R2
  • Health kids are also necessary because they allow us to heal and this means that we can revive ourselves with some bandages especially because some wounds can be a little deeper than others, it is also required to press the D-pad and press R2.


 How to heal by unlocking abilities in The Last of Us Part 2 ?

Here we have the option to have some important abilities and this means that it will be necessary to unlock them, each one Abby and Ellie can do it as soon as the game has advanced at a certain point, and this means that it is possible to heal much better, these skills are:


  •  Ellie: Requires level 4 to get Improved Crafting Health Kits with the Survival Tree.
  • Abby: In the `particular case it only requires level 2 to get improved crafting health kits with the Room Closed tree.
  •  Ellie: You need to get to level 2 to get faster Health Kits with the Survival Tree.
  • Abby: requires reaching level 4 to get faster health kits through the Tree of Closed Rooms.


This is all we know for now about How to heal, because the wounds here do not take long, it is perhaps something of normal hills while we fight in The Last of Us Part 2.

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