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One of the necessary tasks in The Last of Us Part 2 is knowing how to get the Ferry Safe Code and here we will tell you.

Are the Safe codes in The Last of Us Part 2 necessary?

Although the environment becomes quite complex in The Last of Us Part 2, it is necessary to get some codes that allow us to open some safes, since the idea is to get as many supplies as possible since resources are not abundant here, so today we are going to explain how to obtain the Ferry Safe Code since it also has one that can be very useful.
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How to get the Ferry Safe Code in The Last of Us Part 2?

 The first thing we must do is get to the ferry and dedicate ourselves to carrying out some explorations, since this allows us to get the crossbow, this works as an extremely important weapon to eliminate runners because it does not generate any type of noise and that we can move to Across the hall are being noticed by nothing and no one.

Using stealth is an important factor, after having eliminated these runners it is time to go up the stairs and proceed to walk down the hall, when we reach the end we get a note that brings the code and is 90-77 -01, with this code in our possession it is time to go to the ship.

On the ship we will get a considerable amount of infected and it is our job to eliminate them if we want to be able to work quietly, so we use the crossbow once again, to eliminate runners and clickers, because they become quite tiresome and will do their best for interrupting us in our work to know how to obtain the Ferry Safe Code.

With dead enemies it is time to go through our safe and this leads us to climb the stairs to reach the upper deck, because the idea is to get to the cabin and open the safe by entering the code, here we get a safe well It turns out that it contains an Abby ordinance update book with information on fast ships and melee weapons, as well as other supplies necessary to continue our journey, but the work does not end here because with this in our backpack it is necessary to proceed To eliminate other infected that will be on the outside, we must eliminate them stealthily and choose to use a hunting pistol mixed with a Trip mine to eliminate the shambler and thus be able to get out without further difficulty.

 This is all we can tell you about How to get the Ferry Safe Code because it simply becomes quite a busy task and that makes us be stealthy in The Last of Us Part 2, don't miss this adventure because it is interesting.

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