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2020-06-23 08:59:35

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Knowing how to get a Gun silencer is highly necessary in a world where enemies are everywhere like The Last of Us Part 2.

What is a silencer in The Last of Us Part 2?

 As we move through this game we realize that we are immersed in a world where survival is increasingly necessary and this implies a constant fight with the enemies that will try to block us and eliminate us, this is where it is necessary to know how to obtain A Gun silencer and this is because it is vital to eliminate them without having to do much scandal counting on that this silencer is nothing more than an improvement of the weapon that can simply be manufactured, only that it is an activity that cannot be carried out from the beginning Because this recipe Ellie gets a little late in the game.

How to get a gun silencer in The Last of Us Part 2?

 First of all it is necessary to know that we will have to make a little progress in this game since it is necessary to get to the first day of Seattle, since we will have to get to Capitol Hill, a stage that allows us to go to the channel 13 television station, we will go through a gas station and we walk through the streets until we see a bookstore that is ideal to enter, they have an LBGT flag, there we get a ticket to the Coffee House, we enter and get valuable material the Stealth Training Manual, with which it is possible to unlock some passive abilities, we can buy Stealth which is a supplement and review the abilities tree because it has an interesting element and it is the Artisanal Silencer.
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The implements to make a silencer is simply:

  •  1 cloth.
  • 1 pot.

 It is necessary to take into account that each silencer is limited to be used, `since initially it only lasts 3 shots, which implies having to elaborate more than one, but little by little we are progressing and we can quickly get one that lasts from 3 to 5 shots at The Last of Us Part 2, but you don't necessarily have to wait as long or at least with Elli if she's vital. On the contrary, with Abby it works differently since she can do them from the beginning and she makes Military Pistol silencers, only we will not see her from the beginning.

 Abby has silencers of durability of 3 to 5 shots, but we should not pass out because this improvement was obtained in the Ordinance skill tree, it is only necessary to guide you through the training manual that allows us to unlock this skill tree to get with it more possibilities of necessary improvements.

 How to silence a weapon in The Last Of Us Part 2?

 Now that we know how to obtain a Gun silencer it is necessary to know how to place it and the first thing we must consider is that it can only be installed to a Gun and that we can install and remove it when we consider it necessary, it is a fairly easy process because it will only be necessary to use of the Triangle button, this occurs mainly when we are not going to opt for firearms to fight and we only want to carry out some open combat.

 There is a possibility that Ellie may have a silenced submachine gun but to do so it is necessary to get to the Final chapter, and it is interesting because it does not lose durability allowing us to eliminate all opponents with a little more comfort.

 In this sense, it is necessary to consider that a silenced Gun is a fantastic tool to eliminate enemies just by using a single shot, since this can allow the silencer to have a little more performance and we can be more effective.

 This is all you need to know about how to get a Gun silencer, as it is a necessary implement in The Last of Us Part 2.

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