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2020-06-23 08:50:51

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Quick Guide to Learn How to Complete Chapter 7 The Last of Us Part 2 Packing Up

The collectibles in the chapter are as follows:

  • Artifacts: 1
  • Journal entries: 2

Joel's House: We will teach you how to complete Chapter 7 Packing Up, and this happens before Ellie leaves for Seattle, she wants to take some things from Joel's house.

Once you're in the house, you can interact with a variety of things, which remind us of the first game and fill in some of the gaps between then and now. Three of them are collectibles, and you should not miss the opportunity to obtain them.

Must interact with the mug in the downstairs kitchen for a journal entry.
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The second collectible is another journal entry. Take a look at the guitar in an upstairs room.

The final, and equally important, artifact is found in a red box on a bed, also upstairs.

After grabbing it, feel free to check out anything else you want, and then go downstairs to talk to Maria.

Having said that of How to Complete Chapter 7 The Last of Us Part 2 Packing Up you can continue to play with peace of mind knowing that I got everything you need before continuing. You should not miss these opportunities!

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