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We welcome you to our Terraria guide, in which we will guide you on how to create the Void vault.

 In many occasions we will go through Terraria through complicated situations related to our inventory, it happens at the moment that we will not have more space to store the objects that we find, but thanks to update 1.4 it is possible to have access to a different and additional inventory , which makes us want to know how to create the Void vault, for this purpose is the content of this guide and that will be presented below.

What is the Void vault in Terraria?

It is a kind of inventory where the placement of various objects is possible, its operation is very similar to that of a chest, however full access is possible if we get to have the Void bag, but first we have to focus on creating From the vault of the void, now come the most important details about it, let's continue reading.
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    How to create the Void vault in Terraria?

     Firstly, it is necessary that we find a demon or a crimson alternate, both are actually different in the brightness they emit, the location will be underground, it is what we will do prior to the ingredients that we are going to need, which are 15 bones and 8 jungle spores, there are variants related to another necessary ingredient, so if we find an alter ego we will need 15 shadow flakes but if it is a crimson alter we have to have 15 tissue samples, when we have the ingredients we will leave to zoom in to use it as a craft station, then we will already have our Void vault and we can use it as outside a chest at the moment that in our regular inventory we no longer have any space, then having the Void bag it is possible to access to the vault at any moment.

    We conclude this explanation on how to create the Void Vault, being something so vital that it will help us to continue enjoying and progressing in this incredible game like Terraria.

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